From mighty polysynths to forgotten beatboxes to unique creations – this is where you’ll find the full list of all our lovingly sampled Kontakt instruments. You can also navigate to the individual instrument rooms from the drop-down menu at the top, or the links below.

‘I’m a fan of this Rhythmic Robot outfit. Using their instruments is like discovering a lost tribe in the digital jungle… pure, but slightly uncivilized.’ Stephen Hague, producer (Peter Gabriel, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams, Melanie C, New Order, OMD, etc.)

In The Laboratory you’ll find our home-grown instruments: weird, amazing sound-producing apparatuses to inspire you. In the Keyboard Vault you’ll find meticulous recreations of vintage electronic and electromechanical keyboards. The Beat Room is stacked with dusty old sampled drum machines and beat boxes. The NanoMod Enclosure is home to our ever-growing range of pocket-change miniature Kontakt synths. And Mongo’s Cupboard is where we put all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else – oddball instruments and downright weird audio stuff.

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