Here at Rhythmic Robot we love playing about with things that spark and crackle and emit interesting humming noises; but we’re also conscious that cranking up the voltage in Mongo’s racks draws a fair amount of current… and we don’t have our heads in the sand about climate change. We’ve therefore been committed for a long time to making Rhythmic Robot as eco-friendly as we possibly can. (We’re not the first to think of this, of course. Rather wonderfully, Thomas Dolby has a boat-based studio entirely powered by solar and wind energy.) Here’s the lowdown:

The RR lab is powered entirely with green electricity provided by Holaluz; and our website is hosted on MacHighway, who also run all their servers using wind-generated renewable energy. Plus all our source instruments are second-hand, previous-use – even stuff that would have gone to landfill often finds a home in Mongo’s cupboard! So when you buy from us, you can bask in a smug green glow of righteousness.

We’ve also discovered a really easy, free, everyday way to make using your computer work for the environment instead of against it: swapping the usual Google search for Ecosiaa search engine that uses all its profits to plant trees. On average, Ecosia users are helping plant a tree a second. The search engine’s really good, too, so if you can spare a second to reconfigure your browser to use Ecosia as its default, it becomes a no-brainer to save the planet while on the sofa in your underpants. Which we think is awesome.

Peace and other hippie shit, man!