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California Keys

440.00 plus VAT

Includes Kontakt Player – will run without any version of Kontakt!

Listen to the California Keys collection in action here


Astonishingly detailed Fazioli grand piano takes centre stage, with blendable 11 mic channels and full stereo or surround options – customise the mic placement for intimate or impressive soundstages • Superb detail at the quieter end of the dynamic range – excels at pianissimo playing which is often neglected in sampled piano libraries • Recorded and delivered at 24bit 44kHz:  comprises around 8000 samples for approximately 40 Gigabytes of pristine audio fidelity • Vox, Farfisa and Hammond organs cover the full territories of jazz, blues, rock, funk and punk • Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos and a Hohner Clavinet round out the collection with sparkle, bite and bark • UI includes control over tone, velocity response, reverb and much more in a simple and elegant layout

California Keys™ for Kontakt Player
Fully NKS compatible.

Listen to the California Grand here

Comes bundled with the Kontakt Player or loads into Kontakt 5 full version. We recorded the finest instruments on the planet for this suite of keyboards for professional keyboardists and composers.

The Fazioli 10ft grand was recorded in a Studio Bau:ton designed studio, CounterPoint Studios in SLC, Utah. We recorded this magnificent instrument in surround with 10 channels of mics.

The piano is presented in stereo and surround. You’ll find these instruments extremely playable and inspiring. There has never been a sampled piano that you can play this softly. We programmed and designed these instruments for maximum expressivity and playability to fit every style of playing. We placed mics over the hammers, under the piano, 2 matched pairs of Earthworks room mics at both ends of the room as well as a classical ORTF, 2 side mic configuration to the right of the player.

You’ll find the dashboard accessed microphone control allows you to customize the piano for virtually any musical application and sound type.

The set of vintage keyboards were meticulously recorded at a private studio in Topanga Canyon, in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. This stunning collection of lovingly restored vintage keyboards includes Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Vox, Farfisa and Hammond organs.

These keyboards were played by Arlan Oscar Schierbaum. The instruments are part of a collection curated by Arlan and carefully restored by master keyboard technician Ken Rich of Los Angeles. California.

We recorded at the highest resolution to capture the character and uniqueness of each instrument, 192kHz/24bit into a pro tools HD system. The collection is delivered in 24bit 44kHz and comprises about 8000 samples for approximately 40 Gigabytes. California Keys is sold as a download only. System requirements are Kontakt 5 full version or the Kontakt Player which comes bundled with the title.

California Keys will easily load into the Kontakt Player and Kontakt 5 Full Version. Featuring full NKS Komplete Kontrol functionality. This programming allows you to browse and control in real time parameters such as mic levels, tone, reverb, ADSR and much more.

The Kontakt script and dashboard we’ve developed features quick visual access to dial in velocity curve, filter, ADSR, several reverb choices, mic level with panning and tone to brighten or darken the instruments..

The instruments can be configured in many different ways to suit your playing style and genre.

Please note: the California Keys collection includes Kontakt Player, so doesn’t require a copy of Kontakt to run!




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