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Voices of Native America volume I

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Flutes, chants and drums from the ancient tribal culture of the American Indians

Add instant earthy, organic flavour to your tracks

Scroll down and listen to it in action in the video demo below!


Voices of Native America is a two-volume set (of which this is the first volume) covering the amazing and enchanting musical tradition of North America’s indigenous peoples.

American Indian music focuses strongly on the combination of chanted vocals, rhythmic percussion and trilling or soaring flutes, and the content of the library reflects this beautifully. The flutes are split into ‘plain’ versions which can be played solo, and ‘performances’ which include a wide variety of trills, swoops, glisses, falls, and other articulations; dropping a handful of these into a tune you’ve crafted with the ‘plain’ version really brings it to life. The range of vocal samples includes both unpitched spoken words, phrases, shouts and vocalisations, and pitched or sung phrases, exultations, cries and chants, all recorded by native American performers in absolute fidelity. And finally, there’s a wonderful selection of drums and percussion, taking in instruments made from deer-skin, sharkskin, and other exotic materials, and encompassing the traditional shakers and other subsidiary percussion. With these, you get single hits and looped phrases to play with.

The result is a collection of entirely authentic American Indian textures that can open up your tracks and give them the endless sky and sweeping vista of the American plains!

The collection includes the following:

  • 13 Flute instruments: Bamboo, Berlin, Chimueva, Fish, Redwood and White Cedar flutes, all recorded both ‘plain / solo’ (for creating your own melodies) and separately as ‘performance’ patches (including trills, glisses, slides, shrieks and other articulations).
  • 5 Drum instruments: Cheesebox, Horse hide, Deerskin and Sharkskin drums, with both single hits and looped sections
  • Percussion and shakers, again with single shakes and loops
  • 5 Vocal instruments, including both sung and unpitched phrases, shouts, cries, ululations and chants
  • One processed Flutes instrument and one looped Performance instrument which includes Drums, Voices and Flutes


Please note: Unlike the rest of our instruments, this collection requires KONTAKT or above.




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