• Voices of Istanbul Kontakt Instrument

Voices of Istanbul

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Fusion sounds from the silk road crossroads of Europe and Asia

Instant warmth, colour and life – rhythmic pulses, vocal chants and ululations, and individual instruments, all evocative of the heat of the spice market

Scroll down and listen to it in action in the video demo below!


Continuing Q Up Arts’s foray into the wonderful worlds of sound that exist beyond our familiar Western borders, Voices of Istanbul transports you to the heartland of the Turkish empire, where the spice routes and silk roads converge by the shores of the Bosphorus. (If all you know of Istanbul is the Muppets doing Istanbul was Constantinople, you really need to hear this!)

Doug Morton has done a stunning job of capturing the bustling, colourful sound of a city that’s always been a fusion point between Europe and Asia. Including individual instruments, rhythmic sounds, loops, and some amazing vocal phrases, this library lends itself wonderfully to soundtrack work and authentic atmospheres, but also blends seamlessly into a wide variety of genres – the rhythmic pulses in particular give a great, unfamiliar rootsy vibe to rock drums.

The collection includes the following:

  • 28 Percussion instruments (including single hits, flams, trills, rolls, etc for each instrument)
  • 21 Percussion Loops (which often contain hits as well)
  • 24 Turkish instruments (including Baglama, Turkish Clarinet, Cura, Turkish Flute, Kanun, Kemence, Ney, Tanbur, Ud, Batilar and Keman, often with different articulations)
  • 1 set of Keman (Turkish string) motifs presented as loops and keymapped
  • 1 set of Turkish Vocals (both solo and group), keymapped
  • 12 Kontakt Multis which meld the instruments into new and musically useful combinations


Please note: Unlike the rest of our instruments, this collection requires KONTAKT or above.




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