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Voices of the Aztecs

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Vocal chants, spoken words, rhythmic beds and solo instruments – all with the unmistakeable vibe of the ancient Aztec civilisation!

Add instant earthy, organic flavour to your tracks

Scroll down and listen to it in action in the video demo below!


Voices of the Aztecs is a thrillingly evocative and authentic collection of Aztec instruments, meticulously recorded by our friend Doug Morton over at Q Up Arts. If you’ve ever wanted to inject a little leftfield spice into your tracks, this could be just the thing you’ve been waiting for.

There are plenty of loops and rhythmic backdrops that let you build tracks with a genuine Aztec vibe to them; or you can drop some of the solo instruments into whatever genre you think needs a bit of organic life. The earthy tone of the instruments makes them excellent additions to any kind of chillout, but can also help to put that unusual, unique touch to roots rock, alt folk or any other genre you fancy!

Below you can hear the instruments in action, along with some of the spoken-word content of the library, in Doug’s YouTube demo.

The collection includes the following:

  • Ambiences and Loops: 3 keymapped instruments covering a wide variety of ambiences and rhythmic loops
  • The Heartbeat: 6 percussive instruments (including Ayoti, Teponaztii and Water Drum) focused on single hits
  • The River: 7 percussive instruments (including Cantaro, Toyo and Stones) with both hits and looped segments
  • The Seed: 2 instruments devoted to shaker-style percussion, including multiple articulations
  • The Song: 4 instruments based on Ocarina and Flute sounds. The Ocarina is playable solo, the Flute is a keymapped set of riffs, falls, articulations etc.
  • The Thunder: 5 sets of percussive hits and loops (including Huehuetl and Toyo)
  • The Wind: 5 tuned wind instruments (including the mournful Caracol and the raucous Trumpet Roar)
  • The Word: 2 keymapped sets of spoken Aztec words and phrases; the second set includes full spoken Aztec poems
  • 4 Combos and 3 Multis, combining some of the instruments into new and musically useful fusions


Please note: Unlike the rest of our instruments, this collection requires KONTAKT or above.




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