• Latin Groove Factory Caribbean 2

Latin Groove Factory 3E: Caribbean Merengue and Mozambique

40.00 plus VAT


Loops, grooves, hits and kits covering all kinds of inspirational Latin instruments

AppleLoops, REX and Acid wavs for use in any DAW – just drag, drop and groove

Scroll down and listen to it in action in the video demo below!


Welcome to Latin Groove Factory jam packet 3E: Caribbean Merengue and Mozambique! This is part of the much larger Latin Groove Factory set, which you can also buy complete for just £225 (saving £38 over the individual packet prices): to grab this offer, head for the Hot Deals Page.

THIS JAM PACKET CONTAINS 424Mb and 133 loops

  • Merengue Apple Loops (same as wavs)
  • Merengue REX (same as wavs)
  • Merengue WAVs
  • 124_Merengue
  • 124_Merengue Perc
  • 148_Merengue
  • 148_Merengue Perc
  • Mozambique Apple Loops (same as wavs)
  • Mozambique REX (same as wavs)
  • Mozambique WAVs
  • 108_Mozambique
  • 108_Mozambique Perc
  • 124_Mozambique
  • 124_Mozambique Perc
  • Rumba Iyesa Apple Loops
  • Rumba Iyesa REX
  • Rumba Iyesa WAVs
  • 116_Rumba Iyesa
  • 132_Rumba Iyesa
  • Son Apple Loops (same as wavs)
  • Son REX (same as wavs)
  • Son WAVs
  • 120_Son
  • 120_Son Perc

The Latin Groove Factory jam packets are the work of our friend and collaborator Doug Morton, and bring you the most comprehensive set of Latin loops ever offered! Whether you want to get a lilting South American groove going, or spice up your main beat with some fluid percussive riffs, the Latin Groove Factory has got you covered.

We’ve split the 3 main volumes, Afro-Cuban, Brazil and Caribbean into 12 smaller packets of killer loops. Drum kit and separate component loops of every imaginable Latin rhythm enable you to create your own custom mixes.

Each loop packet contains Apple, REX and Acid wavs. You can use these loops in any DAW or workstation. Offered in pristine 24bit/44k. You get drum kit and all the percussion instruments. This amazing collection features mixes and discrete individual instrument loops.

Below you can hear a quick YouTube demo featuring all the packs in action. ¡Arriba!





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