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Voices of Native America volume II

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Flutes, chants and drums from the ancient tribal culture of the American Indians

‘Production ready’ construction kit format in many patches

Scroll down and listen to it in action in the video demo below!


Voices of Native America is a two-volume set (of which this is the second volume) covering the amazing and enchanting musical tradition of North America’s indigenous peoples.

While Volume 1 of the library concentrated on the core sounds of wooden flutes, vocals and percussion, Volume 2 takes those basics further, concentrating on performance elements for the flutes – and including series of phrases which can be strung together, ‘construction kit’ style, to make full performances – and a more production-oriented set of vocal and percussion samples. So here, as well as purely traditional chants and phrases, we have female vocal samples, and phrases from tribal elders, plus sets of BPM-specific rhythmic loops and pulses. The female group and solo vocals, in particular, add a haunting quality to a track; while the construction-kit flutes allow for very nuanced performances to be put together quickly and simply. Where Volume 1 gave you the core elements of the American Indian sound, Volume 2 extends and expands that world with more depth and richness.


The collection includes the following:

  • 11 BPM-specific performance / loop patches, with lots of keymapped elements which can be combined and strung together. These cover percussion, drums, flutes and vocals (including chants, sung phrases, war-cries and more), in a construction-kit format
  • 2 patches of tribal elders – spoken words, phrases, chants etc
  • 4 ‘producer’ patches involving female sung vocals, female spoken and chanted phrases, rhythmic hits and other elements ideally suited to soundtrack or atmospheric work
  • 9 Flute patches including Redwood, Gunbarrel, Low flute, Steward flute, Small flute – again, concentrating on performance phrases that can be combined
  • 2 traditional vocal patches focused on chants and traditional sung phrases


Please note: Unlike the rest of our instruments, this collection requires KONTAKT or above.




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