Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to our cool new site! Don’t touch that, the paint’s not dry yet. What can we show you first? Okay, well: we’re responsive now, so you can read us on your phone or tablet. We have MongoMoney which you can earn in several ways and which redeems for hard cash off purchases. (It’s seriously cool.) We have new instruments (hurrah!). VAT invoices are now provided as standard. We’re SSL and https secure. And we’ve switched all our prices to  euros rather than £ pounds sterling. Those are probably the headlines, though there are also some neat behind-the-scenes tweaks too.

MongoMoney replaces our old coupons rewards system. You’ll see that coupons are gone from the Hot Deals Page: instead, for every €10 you spend with us, you’ll earn MongoMoney worth €1 which stacks up in your account until you can blow it on something you fancy. There are still bundle deals, though, and they earn you MongoMoney too; in fact, you’re going to find it hard not to earn MongoMoney. You can even earn it for leaving reviews of products you’ve bought – if you have several of our instruments already, you may be able to earn yourself a freebie just by writing reviews of what you own! Each review you write earns you €2 worth of MongoMoney: go on, let other people know how you’re getting on with a particular machine, and get yourself rewarded in the process 🙂 All the details about MongoMoney are here.

VAT invoices now arrive as a PDF attachment to your usual download receipt email; they’ll also be available for download from your User Area page. This can be handy if you’re VAT registered and need something to show your accountant – and of course if you’re VAT registered and in the EU, you won’t be charged VAT on your purchases from us.

The change from £ to reflects our recent relocation. Over the past year, in response to a shifting political climate, we have surreptitiously added tank tracks, weather-sealing and an ex-Soviet self-contained propulsion system to the Laboratory. In the depths of winter, under cover of darkness, Rhythmic Robot uprooted itself from London and crawled quietly into the cold waters of the Channel. Since then we have made landfall on the continent, carefully avoiding detection, and proceeded south-east. We are now located in Valencia, Spain, and so far there have been no mobs with pitchforks coming over the hill, so we’re happy. Business will proceed as usual (or as usual as it gets round here) except that Mongo has taken to cleaning the patchbay contacts with sangria instead of isopropanol 😀

We have some awesome stuff coming your way, first of which is SteamPunk. Couple this thing with Music Box and SpaceMan and you’ve got yourself a complete alternative-universe scoring system! See what you make of it, and if you come up with something cool, let us have a listen 🙂

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