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Dazmin’s Universe

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Cool contemporary loop toolkit

Hip-Hop beats, keys, basslines and piano grooves lock in perfectly

1.8Gb of .WAV files ready to drag and drop into your DAW!


Brought to you from our pals at Q Up Arts, Dazmin’s Universe is a cool contemporary hip-hop toolkit

“I have a great feeling that this kit will not only help change the future of music but will inspire the next generation and more. I am so blessed to be able to share my sound with you all.”
– Dazmin D’Leon 2024

Dazmin D’Leon is a recording artist and producer in L.A.

Includes drum loops, piano motifs, bass lines and clavinet riffs.

Dazmin’s Universe is a cool contemporary toolkit. The loops have a hip-hop flavour but can be used in almost any genre. Created & Produced by Dazmin D’Leon herself with Executive Producer/Sound Designer Douglas Morton of Q Up Arts, this is an inside look into Dazmin’s Universe. The California Keys grand piano loops that have an authentic jazzy feel that evokes Duke Ellington and Nina Simone vibes along with classical piano licks suggesting the sounds of Beethoven and Richard Smallwood. California Keys Clavinet and Electric Piano (tine & reed) loops have so much funk and soul – you’ll hear the influence of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles along with hints of the Doors (plus some cool piano bass line loops). The churchy feel begins when you hear the sounds of the California Keys organ loops that bring you Billy Preston and Twinkie Clark vibes along with Bob Marley reggae vibes. Bass lines created by Dazmin D’Leon were inspired by Dr. Dre and Timbaland, and the drum loops are the perfect way to tie all these components together into a harmonious whole.

Dazmin D’Leon is a music producer, music composer, musician, and music educator who started playing the piano and organ at the age of 4 as her mother and grandparents all inspired her to attend classical music school and play at church. She received multiple scholarships and awards to multiple classical music schools in L.A. and Orange County. While attending music school Dazmin was able to learn music theory along with learning how to read and write music. Playing at church with mentors like Clyde Holmes and A-Tone known as Anthony Bryant taught Dazmin how to play by ear and how to play with a singer and choir. Dazmin started making beats at the age of 12 after being inspired by hearing a Tupac song called I Get Around. Dazmin was in a high school band called Caramel, where they played all genres of music which led her into songwriting. She went on to teach at the School of Rock and has always mentored and helped her fellow musicians.

Dazmin has risen through the L.A. hip hop creator community doing gigs at the Mint, The Whiskey and NAMM. She’s currently producing and collaborating with L.A.’s finest artists.

Original Art by Julia Delamare.



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