No DX7s were harmed during the making of this video

If you were even a tiny bit appalled at what Mongo and I did to the poor DX7, it’s time to exhale and rest easy. Don’t tell the guys on YouTube (because the comments are really, really funny) but no working DX7s were harmed in the making of the video.

If you look closely (it’s a bit blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, but the clues are there), you’ll see that the working DX7 we show at the start is a DX7IID. The DX7 that gets vintaged is a DX7S. In fact, you can see them both side by side in the sun in our garden at one point. Now – one of those is a fully-functional pristine classic and still installed in our studio. And the other never worked; it was irreparably broken when we acquired it. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination (and some clever Mongo editing) but the bottom line is – we couldn’t find it in our hearts to wreck a functional keyboard. Even a DX7 😉

One Reply to “No DX7s were harmed during the making of this video”

  1. And so i forgot to check my calendar, and thus spent the afternoon out the on the drive, vigorously vintagerating my car.
    Many things were happening; the results were good.
    Yet unlike unlike the DX, it was working before i began this cunning process to increase its value.
    Now it won’t start.
    Oh well. I still love RR.

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