Vintage your synth!

Vintage Your Synth

Everyone likes vintage. Guitarists have been able to buy vintage for several years now, thanks to the likes of Fender’s Custom Shop, which adds relic and vintage to new guitars (for a price). Well, why should synth players be left out of this cool new trend? In our new infowebcast, we show you how to get that vintage into your shiny new synth. Soon you can be sporting a gigged-out mojo monster like your keyboard heroes!

Take a look here, and get yourself some mojo.

Happy Vintaging!

The Professor (and Mongo)

2 Replies to “Vintage your synth!

  1. Hello Professor and Mongo,

    I followed your advice on making my vintage keyboard more vintage, and now I can only play two and a half minutes of John Cage’s 4′ 33″ !!!!

    Please advise me on the next steps I need to take to correct this. Thank you in advance. -JMC

    1. That’s easy – just record your performance and then slow the tape down until you get the full 4’33” 😉

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