Welcome to 2021!

For many of us, the past year has been complex and difficult and at times pretty disheartening. Something that’s been genuinely inspiring for us here in the lab is hearing from those of you who have been using music, and making music, as a means to lift your spirits, deal with loss, deal with frustration, offer something back. Here in Spain we’ve heard people playing music for their neighbours from their balconies during lockdown – both live, impromptu mini-concerts and PA-driven ABBA sessions (yes, really..,). Even when we’re been stuck apart in our own little bubbles it’s made us smile that this is what people reach for most often to boost morale and show that we’re not really alone.

So welcome to 2021, which is bound to have its own share of obstacles but will also include some dirt-cheap drum machines and awesome cool synths – and that’s a promise. Thank you for buying stuff from us, and thank you for making music. That will be all 😉

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