Website issues: please read!

Hi folks,

We just updated our eCommerce package and, hurrah, it’s spawned a whole load of irritating issues. Most of them were ‘behind the scenes’, and most we’ve managed now to fix, but there are at least two that are still persistent and which we’re relying on the eCommerce tech support guys to cure, since it’s their bugs that are causing the issues. They are:

  • The User Area > My Account page has gone blank and is useless.
  • The Emulator II Universe of Sounds instruments aren’t downloadable, because their download links aren’t being sent out properly.

As far as we know, all other instruments and downloads are unaffected – but if you run into an error, just let us know and we’ll add it to this log. We hope to get this sorted VERY SOON, but meanwhile our heartfelt apologies if you’re trying to get to stuff on the site and failing. More info as soon as we have it.


UPDATE: We’re good 🙂 After a long slog of tech support, we think all the bugs are fixed. Shout if you spot anything adrift, but otherwise, what we laughingly call ‘service as normal’ has now been resumed 😀

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