Rhythmic Robot – now on KontaktHub and KVR!

We’re broadening our sales strategy! (Gosh, that sounds almost like we know what we’re doing or something. Don’t be fooled.) Anyhoo, from now on, Rhythmic Robot instruments will be showing up on two other websites besides our own: KontaktHub and KVR.

You may wonder why we’re bothering. Basically, it’s to reach customers who might otherwise never hear of us, so although we take a bit of a hit in terms of paying commission to the host sites, we (hopefully) end up on the radar of folks who might not stumble on us. This site of course remains the ramshackle, doddering flagship of our interstellar synth fleet; but we’re adding a couple of other Battlestars to the group.

KontaktHub are positioned at the shiny and more premium end of the market, and we’re likely to release only our larger instruments through them.

KVR are old friends of ours – we won the soundware category of their Developer’s Challenge, back in 2014, with NanoMod 7 – and we generally let folks on their forums know when we’ve released a new machine. So when they announced they were broadening their remit to include a Marketplace, it felt like a natural progression to join that. The KVR community is pretty cool and friendly.

What does this mean to you? Should you buy from us, or from one of these other sites?

Buy from us, is the short answer. It’s better for our pockets if we don’t have to pay commission, and in return we’ll make it better for your pockets with launch offers, Sales, coupons and so on. Neither KontaktHub nor KVR will be offering better Sale prices than we offer, for example – at best, they’ll match what we offer – so you can be guaranteed of getting the best deal here, not elsewhere. We’re also releasing our instruments here first, and then uploading them to the other sites some while later, so there may be several months’ delay before an instrument appears on the other sites. If you want it first, at its launch discount, please continue to shop here 🙂

The only exception is if one of the other sites is doing some kind of way-cool offer – which in fact KVR are at the moment, offering a $79 UVI Grand Piano for free with any purchase. That kind of thing is worth grabbing, so if they do anything neat like that again, we’ll be sure to let you know. Otherwise, though, you can cheerfully ignore these other sites and keep browsing round here.

Hope that covers it! And a big “thank you” for buying our stuff, and helping to keep Mongo off the streets. We really appreciate it.

Happy Summer sunshine!

The Professor (and Mongo)

2 Replies to “Rhythmic Robot – now on KontaktHub and KVR!

  1. Good move Professor.
    KVR is a website I check everyday for news and a big cool user-forum too.

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