A new year, a new website!

Well, this is pretty exciting. The shed out of which we were running the old website had become overrun with ivy and rodents, so we’ve moved to shinier, more modern premises, and this is the result: a bang-up-to-date website with some neat features which we hope you’ll like.

The look and feel is more or less the same. The clever stuff is our new ability to do proper bundles, deals, offers and sales, without poor Mongo having to send everything out manually. Expect MORE bundles, deals, offers and sales as a result!

We’ve also updated how we take payments, in order to comply with some fascinating new bureaucracy. Shall we tell you all about that? No, let’s not. Basically, we now display our prices without tax, and charge tax at checkout. This means all the displayed prices are lower, and what’s more, when the tax is added in, lots of them will still be lower than they were because (a) we were originally calculating VAT at British rates, which are high, and (b) we rounded down in a lot of cases because Mongo’s maths isn’t all that great. So we hope you’ll find that, when you buy, your shopping basket costs less but weighs more 🙂

To celebrate we’ll be sending you out a SPECIAL COUPON to use during checkout entitling you to 33% off whatever you spend.

And we’ve got some damn cool stuff in the pipeline. Followers of our Facebook page will already know that there’s Stuff on the way… stay tuned. The 102200 alone is going to be pretty awesome 😀

Stay cool and keep making music!

The Professor (and Mongo)