Emulator II Universe of Sounds Vol 2 – first audio demo!


Here we go – the first demo of our upcoming Emulator II Universe of Sounds Volume 2! The name’s a bit of a mouthful but the 500+ sounds more than make up for it… this library is geared more towards synths, keys and percussion than Vol 1, with some standout strings and brass as well – you get less of a variety of these, but the individual sounds are very rich and impeccably handled. It’s huge fun and very rewarding to play.

This demo showcases some of the Synth patches, which run the range from analogue pads through some typical 80s digital airy sounds to biting leads and thick basses… all with that signature Emulator warmth!

One Reply to “Emulator II Universe of Sounds Vol 2 – first audio demo!”

  1. Superb! Simply confirms your EII offerings at the top of my “Want List” – even if they’re not 11 Euros… 😉

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