All solved: checkout is working again!

Hurrah. We fixed it. You can now buy stuff, look at your cart, and check out as normal – everything works again 🙂

Apologies once more for the roller-coaster: we prefer recapping old synths to the intricacies of ecommerce solutions. But with luck, it should be plain sailing from now on.

Factoid of the day: did you know it should really be ‘plane sailing’ and not ‘plain sailing’? If you’re navigating a sailing ship, you should really plot your course taking into account the curvature of the Earth’s surface: a complex bit of mathematics involving degrees of arc, segments of a sphere etc. But if you want a quick-and-dirty answer, you can imagine the sea is just a flat plane, and do the calculation in a far simplified manner using just some right-angle triangles. Hence, ‘plane sailing’ came to mean progressing in a smooth and easy way without complications. (Presumably until you hit an island because you were in the wrong place because you hadn’t bothered to do your spherical trigonometry properly.)

We hope that fascinating bit of trivia makes up to some degree for last night’s irritating emails. Next time: why ‘making the grade’ has nothing to do with passing exams.