Add a user review, get a freebie

The subject line kind of says it all, really. We want your comments on the instruments you’ve bought, so anyone who posts a comment or a mini-review (nice or otherwise… we’re very fair) will get an exclusive freeware Kontakt instrument some time in the next month or so (ie, when Mongo’s finished coding it).

To add a comment: go to the product page for the instrument you’ve bought; click on the “Reviews” tab just below the main product image, and type away. You can add star ratings too.

It would be really cool if you could pass on any hints, tips, tricks or clever patch ideas while you’re at it. Found some weird combination of LFOs that makes Shortwave sing? Discovered a macabre backwards-masking message in Haunted Piano? Tell everyone about it!

The freebie will be yours the moment it’s finished.