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NanoMod 4 – Hot Brass

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3.00 plus VAT

Ultra-affordable pocket-money Kontakt instruments


“Ultra-affordable pocket-money Kontakt instruments utilising samples from a range of classic and vintage hardware synths in a very straightforward common interface… the Grit Filter sounds fabulous.

The ‘intelligent’ controls cross-reference each other to operate a range of behind-the-scenes settings aimed at optimising the character of the sounds. There’s also a similarly intelligent ‘randomise’ button onboard.

At this price all the NanoMods are well worth your attention”Computer Music 9 out of 10 – Computer Music magazine

“The potential of these NanoMods is amazing” – Harvey Jones, NYC producer and composer

Whether you want liquid lead sounds, mournful trumpet solos, or sizzling brass sections, Hot Brass is ready for you. It also excels at saxy pads and ‘boney basses.

Wave 1 is a rough, raucous synth brass sound closely based on the Yamaha patch manual “Brass” sound for the CS10, though we created it on a CS30 and added a second oscillator, a touch of modulation, and some pitch slop. Think of it as Brass Behaving Badly, and go to it for unconventional brass sounds, raw-edged stabs and leads, and full-on synth patches.

Wave 2 comes from the Korg Lambda’s Brass section, with gentle detuning and the Lambda’s wonderful “Chorus Phase” ensemble effect engaged. It has a mellow, smooth tone, rich depth and movement, and natural stereo spread. This is perfect for warm pads, darker toned synth patches and full ensemble brass sections.

Blending gets you everything in between: turn the dial left for grittier, right for smoother, or just hit Glitch and let the NanoMod do the work!

(All our Kontakt instruments require a full copy of Native Instruments Kontakt v4.2.3 or higher (including all versions of Kontakt 5). Kontakt Player is not supported: instruments will load, but will time out after 15 minutes. See the FAQ for further information.)

5 reviews for NanoMod 4 – Hot Brass

  1. Monika Edvardsen (verified owner)

    I used to think I don’t like synth brass sounds, or at least not to use them myself (even if I love songs with loads of synth brass), but now that I got this NanoMod, it turns out I do like them, and I do want to use them myself. I guess the sounds I end up making don’t really sound like the typical synth brass though, so that’s probably the explanation.

  2. Poesque (verified owner)

    Short sweet simple tweet.

  3. john smith (verified owner)

    great synth brass sound for a super cheap rice .. thanx !

  4. toby (verified owner)

    Definitely the best synth brass sample library I’ve come across. It’s dirt cheap and surprisingly tweakable too. Basically, the sound of most 80s movies for £2.50 plus VAT.

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    This is an incredible little thing. You could spend a very, very long time fiddling with other software synthesisers and sample libraries trying to get close to these sorts of sounds, but here they are, right out of the proverbial box. From the rich, rounded, Toto-esque synth brass sounds featured in the demo above, to Vangelis or Jarre-style epic fanfares, or even pretty realistic horn noises that sound incredible layered with real brass for that Hans Zimmer hybrid roar, this infinitely tweakable Kontakt instrument offers every synth brass sound you ever wanted – and makes you feel like you’re the first person since 1979 to dust off that Korg you found in the attic to boot!

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