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Welcome to Rhythmic Robot!
Kontakt instruments hand-built from the dusty relics of the past

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"Rhythmic Robot are doing a fantastic job"
– Bedroom Producers' Blog, May 2012


"Rhythmic Robot are a small outfit dedicated to breathing life into the strange and the obscure"
– Sound on Sound magazine, May 2012

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"Their stuff is totally genius"
– The Razorwire Ballet, June 2012

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"Rhythmic Robot specialise in building software versions of hardware so vintage you can smell the dust in the code"
– Future Music magazine, December 2012

Chris Tyng
"Rhythmic Robot keep coming up with the coolest sample libraries – these instruments just ooze originality and analog retro-organic awesomeness from every pore. By far some of the most personality-rich Kontakt instruments I've ever used. They will definitely continue to find a LOT of use in my scoring projects – keep sampling such groovy & unique sources!"

Christopher Tyng (composer: Futurama, Suits, Rescue Me, The OC )

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"I've been using Loopscape, Jennings and Tubes & Wires extensively on some remix and film music projects over the last few weeks and I have to say combined I am getting results that really stand out and sound very original thanks to Rhythmic Robot's unique approach to sampling! I suggest you get on these ASAP!!"

Glenn Nicholls (remixer/producer: The Prodigy, UNKLE, Sia, Kimba, Snow Patrol... )

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Rhythmic Robot are a small enterprise making sampled instruments. Our mission is to take the technology of yesterday and bring it sparking and crackling back to life on our laboratory bench – before capturing its essence, bottling it in sampled form, and sending it out for you to play with. We sample characterful old vintage gear, and we also build our own Kontakt soft synths from the unlikeliest components – like stacks of Stylophones, or a humming wall of malfunctioning valve signal generators...

Our hand-crafted instruments are built on meticulously recorded 24-bit multisamples of authentic old kit. On top of that, we add extra functionality like giving old-school drum machines velocity switching, pan pots, and individual level controls, or making monosynths polyphonic. We wire in the tools you need to tame the sounds or rough them up: tube distortion, compression, bit-crushing lo-fi effects and lots more are right at your fingertips. And finally we wrap the whole thing up in a custom interface so you can tweak away to your heart’s content. We love our dusty old boxes, and hope you will too.

They're alive… ALIVE!!!

The Laboratory is packed with instruments we've created ourselves. This is where sampling meets madness (or possibly genius...) as we weld together synthesisers based on analogue tape loops, or electromechanical tuning forks from the 1920s, or old valve signal generators. These are unique instruments with the flavour of a lost era. Visit the Laboratory home page for an overview, and the individual instrument pages for audio demos and details.
Stacks Image 14938
Jennings Mk 2 Valve-based analogue polysynth with 50s sonics
Stacks Image 14943
Cloud Chamber Steampunk-inspired wind synthesiser with acoustic and electronic elements
Stacks Image 14948
Shortwave Analogue polysynth harnessing the power of shortwave radio
Stacks Image 14953
Spark Gap Analogue polysynth built from a 1920s electrically-maintained tuning fork
Stacks Image 15029
Loopscape Analogue polysynth using variable-length tape loops as oscillators
Stacks Image 15034
Loopscape Vinyl Analogue polysynth using variable-length vinyl loops as oscillators
Stacks Image 15054
StyloSynth Analogue polysynth built from vintage Stylophones
Stacks Image 15427
Grit Kit The sound of real hardware samplers in a fully-featured analogue drum synth
Stacks Image 15140
Tubes & Wires TW1 Analogue polysynth sampled from vintage valve signal generators of the 40s
Stacks Image 15145
Bad Bad Lead Analogue lead-line monosynth sampled from vintage valve signal generators
Stacks Image 15059
Drawbar 350 Transistor organ built from the enormous professional Stylophone 350S
Stacks Image 15153
Bad Bad Bass Analogue bass monosynth sampled from vintage valve signal generators
Stacks Image 15445
Crank Analogue / acoustic hybrid polysynth based on Hurdy-Gurdy samples

Old instruments with real vibe

These are sampled recreations of wonderful old keyboards and synths. From time-honoured classics to obscure oddball machines, these range from analogue string synths through acoustic reed organs to valve-based monsters. The Keyboard Vault home page has taster notes on how each machine sounds, while the individual instrument pages carry audio demos and all the details.
Stacks Image 14622
Jennings (Vintage Archive) Authentic valve sounds from the dawn of an era
Stacks Image 14627
Lambda (Vintage Archive) Korg's analogue monster recreated
Stacks Image 14632
Logan The classic ensemble string machine
Stacks Image 15186
Lorenzo Rich, breathing vintage reed organ
Stacks Image 14709
ShelTone Funky reed organ with 60s retro mojo
Stacks Image 14714
Magnus The sound of the 50s in a tiny Bakelite box
Stacks Image 14719
Skyline The sweet Italian tone of the Skyline
Stacks Image 14724
Bass III Pure analogue depth
Stacks Image 14796
Godwin Sweet and airy string synth
Stacks Image 14801
Haunted Piano A toy piano with a macabre difference
Stacks Image 14806
Elektrik Kalimba African-themed electric piano: a Roots Rhodes!
Stacks Image 14811
SH Poly Rich analogue synth sampled from the Roland SH7
Stacks Image 15993
Analog Piano Rich, responsive and warm
Stacks Image 15554
Hurdy Gurdy Erratic and unpredictable folk instrument
Stacks Image 15178
P15 Vintage analogue preset synth from Italy

Classic kit from the past
for Kontakt and now also available in EXS24, Reason, and WAV formats!

These are sampled recreations of vintage drum machines. Our drum machines are either old analogue designs, or digital models with less-than-16-bit fidelity (so you'll find some really great, crunchy old 12-bit and 8-bit models on offer). From the 50s to the 80s, it's all here. Visit the Beat Room home page for taster notes on how the machines sound, and the individual instrument pages for audio demos and all the details.
Stacks Image 15443
Rytm16 Mellow analogue preset box from Poland's Unitra company
Stacks Image 1185
Trixer The defining sound of the Simmons SDS
Stacks Image 2912
WurliBeat Take the slow train to chillsville, man
Stacks Image 230
SuperDrums A crusty chunk of the 80s
Stacks Image 2532
Lel 8-bit Soviet drum machine from Mother Russia
Stacks Image 2542
MR11 Analogue drum machine, sampled from the early-80s Yamaha MR10
Stacks Image 54
StyloDrum Analogue drum machine built from Stylophone pops, crackles and glitches
Stacks Image 2537
SR88 Analogue drum machine sampled from the 1984 Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR88
Stacks Image 1160
SpecDrum 2000 Digital drum machine sampled from the Cheetah SpecDrum
Stacks Image 1190
Doctor 110 Analogue drum machine sampled from the Boss Dr Rhythm DR-110
Stacks Image 2884
RZ-1 Gritty 80s drums from Casio's PCM RZ-1
Stacks Image 864
Doctor 55 Analogue drum machine sampled from the Boss Dr Rhythm DR-55
Stacks Image 41
New Rhythm Box Analogue drum machine sampled from the EKO New Rhythm Box
Stacks Image 2521
RX5 Punchy 12-bit drums from the flagship Yamaha RX5
Stacks Image 11972
Drumulator Plus Tight 12-bit sampled drums from E-Mu's classic machine

Mighty miniature modules!

NanoMods are small, keenly-priced synth modules that aim to do one job only, and do it well. Each NanoMod takes a particular role – kick drum sounds, or synth brass sounds – and applies a clever set of 'intelligent controls' to it. Using NanoMods you can build up the key elements of a synth arsenal for pocket change, and get excellent results quickly and easily. All the details are here, and more NanoMods are being added to the line-up regularly!
Stacks Image 3014
NanoMod 1: Rich Pads Lush analogue pads and textures
Stacks Image 3314
NanoMod 2: Cool Reeds Synthetic meets organic
Stacks Image 3451
NanoMod 4: Hot Brass Rich, liquid analogue synth brass
Stacks Image 2972
NanoMod 3: Kick Unlimited kick drums
Stacks Image 12245
NanoMod 5: Analog Bass Serious low-end analogue grunt
Stacks Image 803
NanoMod 6: Snare
Unlimited snare drums
Stacks Image 15541
NanoMod 8: FM That DX sound, back to haunt you!
Stacks Image 15210
NanoMod 7: 8-bit FREE 8-bit synths!

Small weirdnesses

This is where we stash all the oddball bits of sampling that don't find a home in the main categories. Whether it's sampled typewriters, robotic computer voices from the 80s, or hippies in a tin, it's somewhere in Mongo's Cupboard along with jars of liniment and broken soldering irons. Go here... if you dare.
Stacks Image 2782
Snaps N Claps PRO Complete control over your virtual hippies
Stacks Image 1300
Busker The sound of street corners in your DAW
Stacks Image 2797
SpecTone Chip music synthesiser with drums
Stacks Image 2787
SpecTalk 8-bit robot voices from a real Sinclair Spectrum
Stacks Image 2792
Snaps 'n' Claps Handclaps and finger snaps in a little metal tin
Stacks Image 2827
Typewriter Type your own magnum opus on a vintage Imperial
Stacks Image 12487
C64 Synthesizer Sessions Deluxe FREE crunchy 8-bit tones from the Commodore 64

Because we need all the karma we can get