High Voltage


  • To take cool, interesting, dusty old hardware and turn it into cool, interesting, dusty Kontakt instruments.
  • To enjoy ourselves to the limits of human excess.
  • To leave the circuit-breakers in Mongo’s Cupboard alone, for heaven’s sake. Do you want to start a fire in there?
  • To learn the guitar and, like, be in a band, dude. We could so totally do that. How cool would we be?*


Professor portraitThe Professor

After a precocious childhood assembling basic monosynths from Meccano and rubber bands, the Professor bought his first proper keyboard at age 15 from a man whose wife needed new kitchen cupboards and was therefore forcing her husband to sell his DX5 for a pittance. The following in-depth exposure to twin-layer 6-op FM synthesis resulted in trauma that resisted years of therapy. Progressive exposure to analogue synthesisers gradually effected a cure, and now the Professor is never more at home than when surrounded by glowing, crackling walls of tubes and wires.

Likes: The smell of the inside of valves; laboratory alcohol; anything that requires strong DC current

Dislikes: Mains hum

Mongo portraitMongo

Mongo did much of his early work behind the Iron Curtain and in low bit depths. Since escaping (understandable) persecution in his own country he has become a staple of the underground crunk / circuit-bending scene, often soldering the necessary components into place just seconds before the drop hits and the crowd goes wild. Although banned from SuperDrug he is working hard at integrating into society.

Likes: Binary code; poetry of the Metaphysical school; the almost luminescent aesthetic symmetry of the ASCII character set

Dislikes: Mobs with torches and pitchforks; World of Warcraft lag nerfing his boss fights



*Way cool, that’s how cool.