The answer to Mongo's Riddle is…

What fun we’ve had. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, some people have written us threatening emails or guilt-tripped us that they’re losing sleep. But the week is up and the answer to Mongo’s Riddle can finally be revealed.

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner, Tomislav, who nailed the correct answer on the second day of the competition!

Now, if you want to know how to deconstruct Mongo’s twisted madness, read on…


That ancient swift-winged messenger
So we start with a female messenger of the gods. Not Hermes, not Mercury, cos they're blokes. You need to go Greek, not Roman, too.
The daughter of the light
Perhaps the daughter of Electra? Electra light, geddit?
Who onetime paced across the sky
And sang dispatches from on high

Cos she was messenger of the gods, right...
Her footsteps burning bright
Okay, you should have her by now. It's Iris, Greek messenger of the gods and all-round hot tottie.

Now joins the swiftest from below
Swiftest from below… that would be below the sky, since she’s up in the air. What's the fastest creature on the earth?
In reckless wondrous dance
And tattoo’d patterns weaving round
Now, tattoo'd patterns could be tattoo'd on skin, or they COULD be tattoo'd on something else. Another meaning of tattoo?
Keep step with vaults of pulsing sound
Well, the original meaning of "tattoo" was a complex rhythm beat out on a drum. You beat a tattoo on a drum, and you program a drum machine PATTERN in STEP time
Infusing their romance
Aww, they're in love!

The taste of this forbidden love
Is nectar to the bold
And sampling each forbidden bite

In-joke. Sampling is of course what we do here at Rhythmic Robot. Bite? 8 bits = a byte, and this is an 8-bit drum machine we're talking about here...
They dance away along the light
Something about light again here...
Toward their hidden gold.
Where do you find hidden gold?
At the end of the rainbow. Which is made of light, coloured light. Lots of colours of light. Which is also what Iris means: the spectrum of colours in the rainbow.
So we've got…
…an 8-bit drum machine.
Something to do with a rainbow of colours – in other words, the spectrum of visible light.
So this 8-bit drum machine is a marriage between a spectrum and the fastest creature on the earth –
– the cheetah.

Which makes our product the amazingly retro, gloriously  8-bit
…the perfect marriage of Spectrum and Cheetah!

And you can buy it right here.

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Best wishes, The Professor