We're not just Kontakt any more...!

Dear friends,

That’s right: as of now, Rhythmic Robot are officially supporting other sampler formats than Kontakt. We’re making all of our vintage drum machine recreations available as EXS24 and Reason instruments, and as raw .WAV files for importing into pretty much any sampler that supports the standard. Although these alternative versions don’t take advantage of the Kontakt scripting and onboard effects, they do have the very same 24-bit samples of the original instruments built right into them, so they sound great. You can read more about what exactly is included in the alternative versions here in the FAQ. Ableton Live versions are in development and we’ll be rolling those out in the next few weeks!

From now on, the payment buttons on the website – both on the instrument pages and on the Shop page – show whether an instrument is available for Kontakt only, or in the other formats as well. If you know someone who likes our stuff but doesn’t have Kontakt, now’s the time to nudge their elbow ;-)

Happy music making!

The Professor (and Mongo)

Welcome to the Vintage Archive

Hi folks!

The Vintage Archive is officially online. With the release of Lambda, we’re inaugurating a new category of instrument – the Vintage Archive classic. These are blasts from the past that whose inner workings we’ve recreated down to the smallest detail. For more info on what it’s all about, take a look here.

Facebook fans have more fun! Little freebie competitions, all sorts of odd stuff. Take a look and like us!

Happy music making,

The Professor (and Mongo)

Watch the pumpkin patch...

Hi folks!

It’s very nearly All Hallows’ Eve. The Witching Hour. Hallowe’en.

We have something special planned. Be prepared to be scared…

Buah ha ha ha ha!!!

The Professor (and Mongo)

IMPORTANT: server downtime issues

Hi folks,

Our servers may be experiencing some interruptions today – they’re being migrated to new, faster hardware (which is good) and there may therefore be some brief outages. Please don’t panic!

More NanoMods are in the pipeline. Stay tuned…

Best wishes,

The Professor (and Mongo)

Simple? Or full-featured?

We want to ask you something!

We're working on a series of very inexpensive instruments: the plan is to make them almost like little modular units that you can build into a library of sounds for absolutely rock-bottom pocket change prices. Now... if you were paying teeny tiny money for an instrument like that, would you prefer it to be...

1) A full-featured synth with all the usual controls, envelopes, filters, and effects, probably spread over two or three panes, just like something more expensive; or,

2) A simplified synth that uses clever scripting to aim for a more one-knob-does-a-lot-of-stuff approach, like the "signature series" plugins on the market that use one UI knob to control a whole lot of behind-the-scenes effects – so perhaps replacing four ADSR envelope sliders with one "Envelope" knob that morphs from snappy attack and release through to slow attack and release?

In other words, would you prefer lots of flexibility like a conventional synth, or would you sacrifice some of that flexibility for a streamlined UI with just a few controls? Do you like to tweak and perfect, or do you like to dial stuff up fast?

It's a dilemma, and we want to know what YOU want! So do please drop us a line via the Contact Us page and let us know what you think.

Best wishes,

The Professor (and Mongo)